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Separation Anxiety

Does your dog bark, howl, destroy furniture or panic when left alone? We can help. Our innovative online program can get both you and your dog back on track.

Why Online Training?

Effective separation anxiety treatment requires a unique approach. Online training allows us to accurately assess your dog's progress and write training programs that are perfectly tailored to your individual dog, through all of their ups and downs. Each week of training includes one check-in appointment and five daily homework assignments.

We use a training technique called systematic desensitization to teach dogs how to be comfortable and relaxed when they are home alone. While designing your dog's program (that's our job,) requires specialized knowledge, the program itself is incredibly simple to follow. Neither you nor your dog will need to learn any new skills.

While many of our clients also do in-person private lessons to work on other issues, we still meet online for the separation anxiety program. It's that effective!

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