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Puppy Dog Training Services

Our Puppy Raising Philosophy

Puppyhood is the most important time in your dog's life. She's learning more about herself, people, other dogs and the world outside than she ever will again. Your puppy will never again be so open to outside influence. Early intervention can nip many behavior problems in the bud and make the difference between a problem dog and a beloved companion.

Our puppy program is far more than a miniature version of an adult obedience class; it's your chance to help your puppy grow into the dog you'll want to live with.

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Socialize, Play and Learn:


Puppy Start Right Preschool for Puppies between 7-16 weeks

$150 for four weeks, including textbook.

Schedule: Every Sunday from 10:15-11:15am. Next available opening: September 1. Class meets at South Park Animal Hospital, 615 W. Slaughter Ln. Suite #121..

Give your puppy the best possible start in life! Early socialization will help you to grow your puppy into a dog who'll be a pleasure to live with.

When you enroll in Puppy Start Right Preschool, you're making the choice to:

  • prevent fearful or aggressive behavior later in life
  • socialize your puppy under the supervision of an expert trainer
  • learn basic obedience including sit, come, walking on a loose leash
  • receive guidance on potty training, jumping, barking and puppy biting
  • make vet visits and grooming easy
  • PREVENT behavior problems before they start
  • raise a puppy you'll have for a lifetime.

For your puppy's safety, classes take place in a properly sanitized veterinary office. Puppies must have received their first round of vaccinations before class but are not required to have completed the entire booster series. The ideal age for puppies to begin class is 7-10 weeks. Read the ASVAB's position paper on the importance of early socialization for more information.

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Good Behavior Starts at Home:

Puppy Housecalls for Puppies 8 Weeks and Up

$650 includes four private in-home lessons and four weeks of Puppy Start Right Preschool.

Feeling overwhelmed? We understand. As a new puppy owner, you have so many decisions to make and so much to learn. What do we do when puppy bites us? What should we feed her? Should we crate train? Your friends, neighbors and even strangers on the street will give you lots advice, but how do you know if it's good advice?

We can help you raise your puppy in ways that work for you and make you feel comfortable. During our visit we'll assess your puppy, discuss your goals and give you professional advice that's right for your puppy - advice that really works and that you can really follow.

Topics may include:
  • easy ways to house-train a puppy
  • how to stop puppy biting
  • crate training - yes or no?
  • how to prevent aggression and anxiety
  • tricks to stop jumping
  • helping your puppy overcome his fears
  • how to introduce your puppy to new people and dogs
  • the best way to handle the "puppy crazies" and other wild behavior.

Boarding School for Puppies Aged 8-16 weeks

Forging Good Habits That Last a Lifetime

$4000 for four weeks of board and train and four weeks of Puppy Start Right Preschool.

Give your puppy the best possible start in life with our board and train program. We take your puppy into our own home for four weeks of intensive socialization. learning and character building.

We understand that raising a puppy is not as easy as living with a fully trained adult dog! If you're feeling overwhelmed by the time commitment, patience, energy and close supervision puppies require, we can help.

Topics may include:
  • house training
  • ringing a bell to signal potty time
  • separation anxiety prevention
  • sound sensitivity/noise phobia prevention
  • desensitization to grooming and vet visits
  • preventing common aggressive behaviors
  • good greeting behavior
  • socialization to humans and dogs
  • puppy biting and mouthing
  • chewing and destructive behavior
  • obedience commands including sit, down, come when called, leave it and drop it
  • introduction to loose leash walking and off-leash heel
  • increasing attention span.

Four weeks is a long time for puppies to be away from their families! We encourage our students to visit their puppies frequently and take them home for brief periods to ensure proper bonding.

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