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Austin Dog Training Services By Kim Roche

Private Lessons

At this time, we are only offering separation anxiety programs and board and train services and referrals from veterinarians, veterinary behaviorists, and training colleagues. Please fill out the form if you would like a spot on the waitlist for when we open back up to the public on October 1.

Separation Anxiety

Kim Roche has undergone rigorous training to become Austin's only Certified Separation Anxiety Specialist. She is eager to share her innovative program to bring relief to dogs and their owners, even if past attempts have been unsuccessful. There is hope for dogs who bark, howl, destroy furniture or panic when left alone. Right now is a great time to begin this training, which is 100% online and can be started while in quarantine. Please fill out this form to get started.

Board and Train

Our board and train dogs are fully integrated into our household and our day to day schedule to give them the opportunity to learn and practice their new behaviors.

Each board and train program is completely customized to your dog's needs, but most dogs have the following experiences during their stay:
  • walk politely on leash in a number of environments
  • rest quietly while we prepare and eat meals
  • stay calmly in a crate when no one is home
  • hang out quietly on a bed or under a desk while we work, read or draw
  • accompany us to cafes
  • go on field trips to the farmer's market or a dog-friendly business
  • politely greet and interact with guests
  • go on hikes
  • live in a real house instead of a sterile kennel environment
  • ride politely in the car.

Good habits take time to form. We require a three-week stay so that dogs get a chance to practice what they've learned in a wide variety of situations and work for a wide variety of rewards (petting, play, praise, and whatever else makes your dog's tail wag!)

We limit the number of dogs in our program to two at a time to ensure that everyone gets the attention they require. Because our program is very small, preference is given to clients who have completed at least one private lesson or group class session.

All board and train participants receive 2-4 followup lessons and unlimited group classes for one year. The fee is $2600 for dogs 5 months and up.

Behavior Modification

Packages are available starting at $600 for four private lessons, $850 for six lessons or ten lessons for $1150. Owners wishing to address minor issues may purchase single lessons for $175.

We understand how stressful your dog's aggressive or anxious behavior can be, but there's hope. Let us restore peace and balance to your household by assessing the problem and designing a behavior modification program that you and your dog can follow together. Our areas of specialization include thunderstorm phobia, resource guarding (food aggression) and on-leash aggression and reactivity.

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